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Day 8: Barnstable to Exmoor

A short day but a big climb from sea level to 470 metres over 25 kilometres. We managed to pedal up a lot of the hills but some were too long and steep so it was back to walking.
The weather was overcast all day, which meant we were not climbing the hill in blazing sunshine and were more comfortable. We did get some rain but it was more like climbing into low cloud. Our raincoats also got pressed into action on the intermittent downhill swoops. Windchill was definitely a factor today. We did appreciate finally getting a following wind.
The cycle route followed lovely country lanes all day today. Very peaceful and the scenery was superb. There were always long vistas across the countryside.
We took a photo of Goodleigh, where Sir Francis Chichester is buried and of the manor that used to own the whole area.

We are staying in the Sportsman’s Inn tonight and it is being sporty with a skittles night. The bowling alley has been laid out below our room. So beer and skittles tonight! Actually it was a very nice vegetable lasagne with chips and peas and nut roast with yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, cauliflower, carrots, peas and red cabbage with the beer. Very tasty. The pub is actually across the border into Somerset but we haven’t really “done” Devon yet as we will cross back in the morning and not leave Devon for good until later in the day. This is why we opted for beer rather than cider. Our total distance today was 34.5 kilometres.


One comment on “Day 8: Barnstable to Exmoor

  1. Sue Devine
    August 31, 2013

    Hello, sounds like fun! But where is the tandem?! Sue

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