By Jango

Travels By Jango, Rhino and Helios tandem

Day 7: Okehampton to Barnstaple

A lovely day today. We were mainly on old railway track with lovely long gentle descents, nice level stretches and the inclines were gentle.
We did have to leave the lines at times and did a couple of steep descents and very steep hills, 16% and 13% but these were not too long so we just got off and pushed.
The high viz vests and bright rear lights came out again for a section of the A386 north of Hatherleigh, but it was an easy run as the traffic was light.

We went through two more railway tunnels today but neither were as long as yesterday’s two.

The cycle paths were shaded all day but when we used the roads on the odd occassion there were some superb views although it was hazy in the distance. At one point this afternoon the Tarka Trail was lined with fir trees and as we cycled over the fallen needles the air was beautifully scented with pine. At other points there were a variety of decidious trees. Along the trail there were interesting seats. There was a series of sculptures covered in mosaics with benches incorporated into the shapes
first and later there were standard wooden seats but with wooden statues of people sitting on them.
We crossed the river Torridge where a variety of birds were on the mudflats.

We cycled alongside the River Taw down to Barnstaple and crossed the river to our comfortable B&B at Artavia Guest House, which is very pleasant. We rode 68.7 kilometres today.


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