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Travels By Jango, Rhino and Helios tandem

Day 4: Bodmin to St Cleer

We did some of National Cycle Route 3 before diverting to avoid unnecessary hills and to head to Plymouth. The wind appeared to be gusting strongly from the NE, not the prevailing direction. Lovely views from the tops of the hills.
National Cycle Route 3
We saw an interesting seat on a village green, made of horseshoes.
Horseshoe Bench
We had to go along a 5km stretch of the A30. Trying to get ready was interesting. The wind nearly took Ian’s highviz vest then managed to twist it inside out when he tried to put the second arm in. We also put a set of ultra-bright rear lights on and started off onto the dual-carriageway. We swept down the first hill and up the other side over the brow and into the wind. We had to pedal down the second hill and crawled along the level with the wind buffeting us from the front left so that it was blowing us into the road. As we crawled along up the next hill a small camper van pulled off into a little layby just ahead and the driver walked back towards us to offer us a lift to Exeter (!) as he did not feel comfortable leaving us to cycle in such a strong headwind. We decided that safety came first and popped the bikes in the back of his van but only as far as the next junction 2 km away where we got out and cycled on smaller roads to the Jamaica Inn. The flags there were flapping at 90 degrees to their poles. We felt we deserved a Cornish Cream Tea before carrying on, so we indulged.
The Jamaica Inn
Just before we reached St Cleer we stopped to look at the site of King Doniert’s Stone. We covered 40 kilometres today.
King Doniert's Stone


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